Waiting for my Dad

Waiting for my Dad

“Waiting for my Dad” this is JOSH, while waiting for Apostle Joseph at Puerto Princesa Palawan Domestic Airport. I can not forget this day looking at him “a heart breaking moment” so a took the shot. Families of the other pastors in jail are still waiting. – Photostory by L.Quines


3 thoughts on “Waiting for my Dad

  1. Tears had been shed by apilado family so as renie’s family. The most touching part was how the children waited for their dad to come home. I thank God as i saw how these children became strong as their dads in the prison. But how about the family of the 3 more brethren who are still in the prison? How long will they stare at their windows and doors looking forward for the day that their dad or husband will be at their door – home at last. How many more children will suffer because of the injustice of qatar? I hope you qatari people will experience that pain whenever children ask when will their dad will go home. Put an end to this.. Free the remaining pastors inside your prison cell!

  2. I remember when I was a kid, I used to wait for my father to go back home from abroad. It is really touching to see how a family member whom you long to see coming home again. God will surely move in Qatar to free our detained Pastors so they can be together again with their love ones. Praise God!

  3. We are looking forward to see the justice done. And surely as our God lives, we will definitely get it.

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