Manila Standard on 5 Pastors Detained in Qatar

This is the news article published in Manila Standard last June 26, 2010. Its more than Two (2) years since then, only Rev. Apilado and Ptr. Domel Perez was released. We are concern now for the other 3 pastor, most especially Rafael Alamares and Ronald Ulep.


6 thoughts on “Manila Standard on 5 Pastors Detained in Qatar

  1. All injustice and manipulations in Qatar must be put to an end! We will not stop making noise until we get JUSTICE.

  2. If Qatari Government will not release our 3 remaining Pastors, more of your injustices and human rights violation will surely be expose until you are strip naked.

  3. It has not yet been forgotten! We are bringing into the light the dark injustice and maltreatment the Qatar government had done. We uniting our thoughts and actions calling for the freedom of our pastors who are illegally detained in this country.

  4. Silang alipin ng ginto at amoy ng salapi
    Mga dayuhan na dahilan ng maraming pighati

    Abuso at kalupitan hindi mo dapat pagtakpan
    Kung hindi ka lumaban wala kang dapat pagtakhan

    Dahil ang kinakayankayanan lamang ay mahina
    Subukan mong sumigaw kahit maputulan ng dila

    Aanhin mo ang kalayaan ng mga tinatapakan
    Kung bukas Maangaapi rin naman ang syang mag hahariharian?

    This battle cry is not only for those who had been persecuting, maltreating, and oppressing our pastors; our Fellow Filipinos; our fellow men of faith but also those who closed their ears and hardened their hearts against this issue. Nasan na nga ba ang bayanihan? Nasan na ang sama -samang pakikipaglaban?

    I challenge those who have voice to shout Justice for these victims of persecution. this is far from being an isolated case, If we would let this pass, their wrong ways will never be corrected. Let’s expose this injustice. Let’s expose their motives. Their are tons of ways available! LIKE>SHARE>TWEET>BLOG. Let’s move in serving justice they can’t provide.

    Let’s make a noise proclaiming God’s glory. We will make history.
    Though this seems to be a mountain to move, Our God is our Victory.

  5. it is very evident that Qatar has done injustices. More of its injustices will be expose in the media.

  6. You are wolves in sheeps clothing Qatar. The time has come for you to be undress so that the every nation will know your injustices.

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