The unfailing Hands of God…

Renie with his two year old son, Renjo.

During the Mentorship Training night at TLH-QC, Brethren welcomed Renie…a trophy indeed!

Renie’s best WACKY shot, together with TLH brethren. Wearing in black is his mentor, Apostle Joseph Apilado, also illegally detained in Qatar.

Renie:Will be home at last! Bansang Pinas, here I come!… (Leaving Qatar for a while… wait for Renie’s comeback! – He will strike against the enemy… not on his on ways but God vengeance.For the LORD is a God of justice.)
As it was quoted in Isaiah 61:8
“For I, the LORD, love justice; I hate robbery and iniquity. In my faithfulness I will reward them and make an everlasting covenant with them”….

A message to remember: NO matter what we face in life, HOLD UNTO THE LORD’S HAND…(Renie Magcosta, wearing STRIKE IT RICH yellow shirt with Apostle Joseph Apilado) Go Renie, Strike the enemy! Spread the word to fight Justice for the other brethren!

When I was inside the jail, I cannot forget how they spank me, brutally kicked and bashed me every night…one of my terrifying moment was when they tied me up, blind folded me, and took me in a freezing room bordered by mushy surroundings,  I felt the creepy silence, & the numbness of that moment…then suddenly they cast me down headlong-then thumped my foot sole and strained me to eat my slippers…This was one of the biggest storm in my life…But In the eye of the storm there was always calm for me… Not just because I know that God’s hand is with me that time…It recognized God’s voice saying; when the tough times arise, I must determine to take refuge in each other – in the center of it all – where I can bond, find peace, and overcome adversity…TOGETHER. Yes together with my family in Christ… Thank you TLH FAMILY.

I am Renie Magcosta, TLH Qatar-Worship Leader, Illegally detained in Qatar.

Follow my untold story soon…

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17 thoughts on “The unfailing Hands of God…

  1. innocent people DONT deserve this kind of treatment! Qatar’s injustice must stop!

  2. How can you ignore such inhuman abuse from Qatari, have they forgotten that they are also human? what kind of behavior and attitude do you have? what kind of mindset do you have, QATAR GOVERNMENT you know and you are aware, that your people is practicing such kind of abuse and injustice very well, what are you gonna do about this? IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO TAKE OFF THE MUZZLE IN YOU MOUTH! and act on this concern..

  3. rhyantiangco says:

    How can these Qatari peolple sleep at night knowing they have illegally detained other

  4. rhyantiangco says:

    How can these Qatari people sleep at nigth knowing they have wronged innocent people? Is this the teachings of Islam? How can Qatari women stand to see thier husbands having so many wives? How can they have focus and take care of thier families? Such acts ate just for irresponsible people like the Qatari who keep on denying justice to Filipino pastors which they have illegally detained? Wake up Qatari women! Wake up!

  5. jac777 says:

    These qatari people will never get away from God’s hand! They will surely reap what they sown….

  6. jac777 says:

    Jocelyn caganda

    These qatari people will never get away from God’s hand! They will surely reap what they sown….

  7. We must not stop! To all Filipinos, victims of illegal arrest, tortures and injustice, together with your families, let’s keep on exposing QATAR’S INJUSTICE SYSTEM.

  8. We dont have reason to be silent now…. We need to exposed them,…. Stop this injustice system.. Qatar wake up…

  9. What is the used of the law if you qatari people not following your own law….

    Article 35
    All persons are equal before the law and there shall be no discrimination whatsoever on grounds of sex, race, language, or religion.

    Article 36
    Personal freedom shall be guaranteed and no person may be arrested, detained, searched, neither may his freedom of residence and mobility be restricted save under the provisions of the law; and no person may be subjected to torture, or any degrading treatment; and torture shall be considered a crime punishable by law.

  10. God will always show his faithfulness to those who put their trust on Him. He wll definitely respond to the cry of His children. Just wait Qatar, for our God will deinitely take vengeance for what you did to Ptr Renie….

  11. Every people has a right live in peace. How could Qatar Government Detained Filipinos that are innocent. God Treated Every individual people Even Animals fairly. Qatar are not god who can uphold the lives of innocent people and detained them for almost 2 years. Qatar Government Wake Up and Be JUST.

  12. The Unfailing Hands of God is very powerful. He will surely strike Qatar if they dont release our Pastors. Bless God!

  13. Those who TRUST in GOD will never put in Shame, for the battle is the LORD”s surely the victory you will seen, That’s what happened when we all as a church prayed for them, but still the fight is not yet over, The mighty Hand of GOD is moving!!!!!

  14. We are calling the attention of the Emir of the state of qatar, Sir are you aware of this? or you just ignoring it…. It’s time to for you to know that this things happen in your beloved state sir….

  15. I am a living witness to God’s faithfulness in the life of Ptr. Renie Magcosta. We were capturing videos and live feed in skype on the time that Ptr. Renie was presented by Apostle Joseph in our Joint Mentorship in TLHQC at Suki Market. It was a very awesome moment. We finally received our second trophy! Our God is a faithful God!

  16. Our God is all powerful. He could do things that are impossible to men. He will bring down all the injustices in Qatar so that the name of Jesus Christ will be glorified!

  17. The Hand of God never fails… He will surely do signs and wonders to free our Pastors in Qatar. Bless God!

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