Wake up Justice! Wake UP!


Online news clip about the pastors who were illegally detained in Qatar



 Let’s remind Qatari/ Muslim authorities- What Does the Almighty God say about JUSTICE?! Do they really have the ‘holy’ fear to the Lord?

Calling all Former Muslim turned Jesus Christ followers, share your support to the three (3) remaining pastors /’man of God’ who were illegally detained in Qatar… They need you now!…

*** If Qatari hates the modern disciple of Jesus Christ, NOW is the time to unveil the TRUTH… STOP discrimination… and Violence…


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37 thoughts on “Wake up Justice! Wake UP!

  1. Justice, justice,justice…… for our brethren who are still in prison.It’s not yet over. Release them right now! The Hand of the LORD be upon the Qatari Government for their injustices. “Vengeance is mine” says the LORD.

  2. we will not depend on flesh but on the mighty hand of God who has the power to bring justice to his people.

  3. The Fight is not yet over!

  4. QATAR GOVERNMENT if you think that you are so powerful that no one can ever touch you, well this is for you “YOU ARE WRONG!!!” we have a GREAT BIG GOD powerful than you are, time for you to wake up! act now! deal on this issue! we don’t need your silence, we need justice!

  5. Article 25 of the new Qatari constitution prohibits discrimination – “on grounds of sex, race, language, or religion”. Qatar also had accession on the ‘Convention Against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman, or Degrading Treatment or Punishment’ (better known as UN Convention Against Torture) on January 11, 2000. Sad to say, all forms of injustices like discrimination and torture continue to prevail in the country.

    What our pastors experienced in the hands of Qatari officials are definitely forms of ‘torture’. Article 1 of the Convention defines torture as:

    ‘Any act by which severe pain or suffering, whether physical or mental, is intentionally inflicted on a person for such purposes as obtaining from him or a third person, information or a confession, punishing him for an act he or a third person has committed or is suspected of having committed, or intimidating or coercing him or a third person, or for any reason based on discrimination of any kind, when such pain or suffering is inflicted by or at the instigation of or with the consent or acquiescence of a public official or other person acting in an official capacity. It does not include pain or suffering arising only from, inherent in or incidental to lawful sanctions.’

    Therefore, it is only fitting that we demand our KEY RIGHTS related to this as stated in the international and regional rights law: First, the RIGHT TO BE PROTECTED FROM TORTURE and Second, our DUTY TO PROSECUTE TORTURERS. Though some have considered this a nearly impossible feat because as of record, only few prosecutions succeed, we believe that NOTHING is IMPOSSIBLE with GOD!

    Two essential factors are needed so we can be heard and succeed in our QUEST for JUSTICE — One is a strong political will. Second, an intensive media and public scrutiny. That is why, our public clamor should be heard and reach the Qatari government.

    Let us move on with ONE HEART and ONE MIND so our pastors and even others who have already suffered a lot of injustices will be SET FREE and together, we can help STOP INJUSTICE in QATAR!

  6. We will not stop until it is Over! Injustice and Manipulation in Qatar government must be put to an end! They detained 3 pastors with no legal basis and until now, they are still in jail! And this is the time that Justice must prevail!

  7. We will fight for JUSTICE! Sorry Qatar, GOD is on our side.


  9. jac777 says:

    Free our brethren!!!
    Qatar government: You shall pay for what you have done to our brethren!
    The Lord’s Hand is not short!
    Justice belongs to us!!!

  10. Qatar government cannot overcome The Lord’s Hand! The hand of the Lord delivered the israelites from egypt. He will do it again. The battle belongs to the Lord and to The Lord’s Hand!

  11. To the QATARI Governmnent:
    What’s good of having a good economy but having a very bad justice system? Arresting indiscriminately, having accepting bails without releasing the person/s and a very slow court process. You’re prosecuting innocent individual in a inhumane way. Free the 3 PASTORS you are accusing of terrorism! Remember that all terror attacks are cause by your so called brothers in faith!

  12. You’ll definitely reap the INJUSTICE you have sown Qatar! It’s payback time!

  13. We stand in the righteousness of God. We want JUSTICE, Qatar government! This is our faith and we’ll show it!

  14. TRUE FREEDOM AND JUSTICE WILL ALWAYS PREVAIL. We will not stop fighting for the release of the Filipino pastors in Qatar. Its Harvest Time.. Qatar government will surely pay for all the damages they’d done!

  15. Our God is a just God! He will fight with us. We will not stop until the qatari government free the 3 filipino pastors.

  16. Ding Rusco says:

    RACIAL DISCRIMINATION,UNFAIR JUSTICE,ABUSIVE AUTHORITIES & VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS:These are just few among inhuman practices/treatment of the qatari to their prisoners.So happened 3 of our brethren working in Qatar experienced those. SPEAK OUT, unmasked their untochable political systems.Hey qatari! Our creators’ hand is powerful, much powerful than yours.SOON you will taste His wrath.

  17. What kind of government does Qatar have? Do they still believe in justice. If so, then why do they need to detain our pastors for the reason they themselves cannot prove?
    We demand justice for our pastors! Qatari officials are delaying the case because they can prove nothing because our pastors are innocent.
    It is not yet over!

  18. To Qatari Government, what crime do you have against our 3 Pastors? If you dont have any legal case, then why dont you release them?

  19. Jodin Berlou says:

    Qatari are wealthy people, they can have any thing they want. Qatari are also known for being a followers of Islam, they have a strong faith to ALLAH. But the way they treat other people specially those came from third class country are not equal. Racial discrimination,unfair labor practice,inhuman treatment,unfair justice. Our CREATOR will judge those people that abusing they authority. They will be punished, according to what they done to others.

  20. Time to EXPOSE the JUSTICE SYSTEM of QATAR … there are INJUSTICE that is happening right now … THREE filipino PASTORS are detained right now in QATAR for almost 2 YEARS now without any CASE.. the JUDGES and those PROSECUTOR delaying the JUSTICE for this PASTORS, we need to express our dis-appointment and the INHUMANE way of there justice system ….. TIME to make a SHOUT for the immediate ACTION for the RELEASE of our brethren … ” JUSTICE DELAY IS JUSTICE DENIED”!!!!!

  21. 2 YEARS of SUFFERINGS and HARDSHIPS of the 3 PASTORS and there FAMILIES are ENOUGH. This INJUSTICE must be put to an END. there is NO CASE, NO EVIDENCES to this PASTORS of being TERRORIST. they (PROSECUTOR and JUDGES) DELAY the PROCESS of this case. we APPEAL to the EMIR of QATAR to GRANT JUSTICE to this PASTORS. WE need JUSTICE !!!!

  22. we are FIGHTING with faith!Stop this INJUSTICE!!!Release the 3 pastors..

  23. Edna Austia says:

    I believe that everyone is created by God equally….Truth will always prevail.Give us the JUSTICE WE DESERVE!GOD IS WATCHING US!!!!

  24. jivangie says:

    Go for justice! Two years is enough!

  25. This is the time to Expose their crooked way of Implementing their own law.Two years is enough for Disobeying their own law and the injustices of our Brethren. Qatar Government Wake up your Justice were sleeping for Almost 2 Years.

  26. JUSTICE means: the administration of law; especially: the establishment or determination of rights according to the rules of law or equity. If the Qatari Government refuses to implement justice to our pastors… then justice will be taken to higher grounds… none higher than to the court of our GOD. There, appeals are done in prayer and there the Judge listens and applies justice right away.

  27. We are making petitions to the QATARi Government to release our remaining Pastors. We are also making petition to the Aquino Administration to please help us. Bless God!

  28. Vengeance is mine, I will repay, “says the LORD. Qatar Government, if you will still not give justice to our 3 pastors, You will surely see the wrath of GOD. Release them NOW! JUSTICE! JUSTICE! JUSTICE! For our Pastors!!!

  29. We are calling the attention of the Emir of the state of qatar, Sir are you aware of this? or you just ignoring it…. It’s time to for you to know that this things happen in your beloved state sir….

  30. Our God is a God of justice. Righteousness and Justice are the foundation of His throne. Be ready Qatar, you will reap what you sow. The persons you illegally detained are servants of the Living God!

  31. Jean Sedillo says:



  32. You cannot ignore us forever Qatar. As long as our God is a living God, we will fight till you pay all the damages you inflicted on us.

  33. Qatar will bow down to the one true living God. Our God is a God of truth! He will put an end to every lies and deception in Qatar.

    Qatar, let our Pastors be free so they can worship and serve our God!

  34. Anything hidden will be expose. Justice will surely be serve in Qatar. Freed our Pastors!!!!

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