With a Sweet embrace, Pain Erased…

Having a place to go is a HOME. Having someone to love is a FAMILY. Having God’s vision to fulfill is a REWARD.Having all of these is a CROWN of Life. (Photo taken last November 2010, Palawan Airport. Arrival pictures of  Congregational Pastor of The Lord’s Hand Ministry, Joseph Apilado with his family) Looking forward ‘very soon’ to see our pastors Bro.ULEP and Bro.ALAMARES delightfully embracing their families too! -photostory by Lougin Finianos


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7 thoughts on “With a Sweet embrace, Pain Erased…

  1. we do not hold grudges,,, but it doesnt mean we will let injustice people get away!!! will fight the good fight!!

  2. Kasama ako dyan sa Apostolic Camp..nakita ko kung paano kumilos ang Diyos sa buhay ni Apostle Joseph at sa mga ibang Pastors namin na nakalaya mula sa kulungan sa Qatar..Nakita ko kung paano gumawa ng himala ang Diyos sa aming kalagitnaan..Kitang-kita dito sa litrato na ito kung gaano katagal na di namin nakapiling pati ng kanilang mga pamilya ang mga lingkod ng Diyos dahil sa pagdedelay ng Qatar government…At hanggang ngayon may tatlo pa kaming Pilipinong Pastor na di pa pinapalaya..Gusto din ng kanilang mga pamilya at pati kami na makapiling sila..!! FREEDOM FOR OUR FILIPINO PASTORS..!! Now is the time to stop this INJUSTICE IN QATAR..!!

  3. rhyantiangco says:

    Pain has been erased but it doesn’t mean that justice won’t be served. We still have 3 Filipino pastors ilegally detained in Qatar and how about those Filipino workers who also detained without clear case filed against them? Family bond is one of the strongest trait of the Filipino people. You bully 1 member, next thing you know, you are against the whole clan. So how come the Philippine government doesn’t stood up for our people? They keep on abusing our race because they have the money and we don’t. But it doesn’t mean that they can take justice away from us. Filipino families who have family members illegally detained in Qatar and in other parts of the middle east, unite! Make a stand! The time is now! We can make a difference if we stick together!

  4. Lizel Quines says:

    As a wife and a mother, what can be sweeter than being with your family, talking to them anytime you want, seeing them, just being with them… My heart goes out to the family of our 3 Pastors, especially Pastor Ronald Ulep, when since he was arrested and put into prison ILLEGALY for almost 2 years , have never seen his family until now. Same with his wife and children. I know for sure, and we all know for sure, and even the Philippine government knows fpor sure, that this injustice is all over happening in Qatar.
    Who do they think they are? Who gave them the right to separate families? Just because their land is rich oil doesn’t make them superior than others. These arrogant, abusive, barely educated people will definitely PAY! Calling Philippine government, the time to act is NOW! Do not turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to what is truly happening in our countrymen.


  6. You Qatari Officials are also fathers and mothers and parents. You know how painful it is to loose your loveones . Bring back our 3 pastors still illegally detained in your country.

  7. Qatar, let our Pastors go! Their family needs them.

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