Raphael Alamares Parents’ Appeal for Assistance

We, Rodolfo and Anita Alamares and our family are humbly seeking for whatever help and assistance you can extend to us about the detention of our son, Raphael Alamares and another OFW Ronaldo Ulep in Qatar for two years now at the State Security Bureau in Qatar. They are being charged of espionage.

Our son has been taken into custody without warrant on Aril 14, 2010 and we have only learned of their whereabouts through his wife, Myra Alamares, on June 20, 2010. Initially, nine Filipinos were taken into custody for terrorism allegations and six of them have been released.

They were taken to Court in monthly basis for the extension of detention and the formal case was only submitted to the Court last December 2010 and until now they are undergoing court hearing. Our Philippine Embassy has been meeting some Qatar Government officials but their efforts are not producing results. Our daughter-in-law, Myra Alamares, appealed for temporary released and this has been approved by the Court on 27th November 2010 but the decision was retracted by Public Prosecution. They were asking the Court for explanation but they are not giving them any. All the evidences that were being presented in Court are hearsay and the Public Prosecutor have not presented any hard evidences.

The Court promises them that they will give their decision last May 28, 2012 but they ask for another hearing and it was scheduled last June and another hearing was held last July 19, 2012 but no decision yet was given. The Court ask them for another hearing on November for them to review again the case and because the judge will be on vacation.

We are appealing for your help. Our son is innocent and is a resident of Qatar for seven years. He did not commit any violation of laws or have engaged in any prejudice to the country’s security. As a matter of fact, he and his wife are both volunteers in teaching computer (a program of our Philippine Embassy in Qatar) to our citizens in Qatar.

Our daughter-in-law tried to convey our sentiments when His Excellency Vice President Jejomar Binay visited Qatar last year but according to him this is a very high profile case and we just need to wait until the anger of those Qatar officials who have initiated this investigation has subsides. The Philippine Embassy in Qatar has informed our daughter-in-law that these matter has been added to the President’s talking points during the visit of His Excellency Emir of Qatar in Manila last April11-12, 2012.

Our son’s lawyer also recommended for us to ask for our Government intervention. If our Government will mediate and prove that these Filipinos are not spy, we believe that this case will be dismissed. We asked Senator Manny Villar’s office for some assistance and they only recommended for us to go to our Department of Foreign Affairs. We have already met DFA’s official for quite a number of times but no actual actions were made. They only talk to the representatives of our embassy in Qatar to follow-up.

Please help us. Our son’s rights have been violated and they continue to do so. Two years of his life is being wasted. 


32 thoughts on “Raphael Alamares Parents’ Appeal for Assistance

  1. How can our Pastors become a spy or a terrorist? That is really a big LIE for the Qatari Government: inventing stories & allegations without any evidence or due process. The Public Prosecutor are just making delaying tactics… they dont really have any legal cases against our Pastors.

    What are you doing Phil. Embassy in Qatar & DFA? Are you really helping us???? You are the ones that shoud take actions but we cannot see any effort from your end. You are just making talks to the QATARI Government but for two years, you are just talking…. How come? WE NEED ACTIONS!!!! WE NEED RESULTS!!!!!

    Release our PASTORS!!! Wake up DFA Secretary! Wake up Phil. Ambassador to Qatar! Are you there just to earn your wages? Do your PART!

  2. To our President: Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III. Sir, pls help us release our Pastors in Qatar. Thank you in advance! Bless God!

  3. Lizel Quines says:

    Free Raphael Alamares!
    Let him live his life!

  4. We will not stop until our petitions are heard. Freedom for Ptr. Raphael Alamares!!!

  5. We are making petitions to Qatari Government….. Free our Pastors!!!

  6. Free Mr. Alamares! Let justice prevail and free the innocent man!

  7. Supreme Court of the Philippines and Qatar,

    Act on this case now! Don’t wait for the anger of these Qataris to subside. And definitely don’t wait for the anger of God to build up!


  8. FREE this MAN … he is a PASTOR that is working in QATAR to support his FAMILY when he experience WARRANT-LESS ARREST and ILLEGAL DETENTION. AFTER 2 LONG YEARS of SUFFERING, HE is still in JAIL in QATAR without CASE. we PLEAD for his RELEASE. STOP INJUSTICE!!!!

  9. This blog is one of our banners! Let the Qatar know that we are fighting against their injustces.

    This is our voice Qatar: FREE PTR. RAPHAEL ALAMARES!!!!

  10. Freedom and Justice be serve to our Pastor…..2 years until now nothing is happening please please please STOP this INJUSTICE in your state…..I appeal to the King of Qatar…LET JUSTICE BE SERVED to our pastor…..

  11. totocruz says:

    Free our Pastors!
    Free Pastor Raphael Alamares!
    Free Pastor Ronaldo Ulep!
    BLESS GOD!!!

  12. carolcarumba says:


  13. Qatar, we are very serious about this matter. We demand that you should release Ptr Raphael Alamares. We want it now….

  14. Our God is a Living God! Nations will bow down before Him including Qatar because of the injustice he made to our Pastors, to their families, to our brethren and to our Church. Be enthrone Lord Jesus!!!

  15. There will be no more delays. We are expressing our seriousness, Qatar should release Ptr. Raphael Alamares. We will fight until our goal is complete.

  16. We are calling the attention of the Emir of the state of qatar, Sir are you aware of this? or you just ignoring it…. It’s time to for you to know that this things happen in your beloved state sir….

  17. aroneiuol says:

    We also calling Philippine government to negotiate about this case because they accusing them a wrong case..they are servant of God..
    Release Ptr Ralph Alamares,we fight because the hand of God is in us….

  18. Philippine Government please wake up..!! There are 3 more Filipino pastors who are suffering in jail..How much longer are you gonna make us wait..?? It’s been 2 years…We want freedom for our innocent Filipino pastors…Freedom for the servants of God!

  19. Freedom for Ptr. Raphael Alamares..!! Freedom for our Filipino Pastors..!!

  20. Wake up! Wake up Philippine Embassy in Qatar! Wake up! Wake up DFA!

    Hear our petition for the release of Ptr. Raphael Alamares!

  21. JUSTICE delayed is automatic Justice DENIED…is this the kind of justices that qatari have? Or misrepresentation of your law? You are in a hurry on taking people into prison but you are so SLOW in giving them justice…..Wake up or its better to admit that you are just wronged and so sorry for the things that has happen….Anything that you do in secret will be exposed and exposed and exposed till the whole world knows what we are fighting for….

  22. Hello Phil. Embassy! Are you a pet of Qatar because you are not doing anything in this case? Prove that you are for the Filipinos that are working/residing in Qatar . Do your part to release our pastors.

  23. I wonder what would Qatar benefit from such accusation to Pastor Raphael Alamares:
    Is this their means of warning foreigners of how mean they can be to those who threatens their cultural morale? If indeed, well, should we call it ‘inherent terrorism’ of Qatar rather than national security, because it promotes fear rather than safeguard that even a law-abiding pastor are susceptible to unjust detention and false accusation.

    Is this their way of “monopolizing” their religious idea in their land? If indeed, I doubt anyone converted to their so called ‘religion’ put their faith on such – suppose that they rather called victims rather than converts. Pathetic schemes I daresay, because after eons they have not even learned the mistake suffered by the Babylonians (ie, imposing/forcing false faith to the people).

    Or, should we say that this is a manifestation of social schizophrenia/paranoia among Qatari? If indeed, all the more Qatar should feel more threatened because the Hand of God is near and any time God’s justice will be imposed!


    Was quite disturbed with VP Binay’s remark regarding the current case. To quote: “… according to him [Vice President Binay] this is a very high profile case and we just need to wait until the anger of those Qatar officials who have initiated this investigation has subsides.” With this, should we assume that our officials fear much of the Qatari’s prerogative (even their emotions) towards this case? I hope not! Remind Qatar of their membership in UNESCO. Reiterate to them of their incumbencies as one of the advocates of human rights or any of those human affairs of which they condoned. They are an “open country”, let them be reminded of their responsibility of fostering foreigners with benevolence.

  24. This is too much! The damage that Qatar brought to our Pastors they illegally detained is really beyond measure. It cause greater damages even in their families.

    What I really hate the most is that there are no actions taken coming from Phil. Embassy in Qatar & DFA.

  25. This blog is to voice out our concern with our Pastors illegally detained in Qatar. Let the whole world know what Qatar is doing in foreigners living among them. How they suffer from the hands of the Qatari in terms of injustices, abuses, discrimination and human rights violation. If you are one of those who suffer from the hands of Qatari, speak out.

  26. Our desire is to see our Pastors illegally detained in Qatar, to be release and that we may receive all the payment for the damages 10000 time in full and all the accountable people will be brought to prison and lastly to make Qatar, an extension of God’s Hand in the middle East through THE LORD’S HAND MINISTRIES. Bless God!

  27. Freedom! Freedom for Ptr. Raphael Alamares!

  28. This must end right now!
    Our Filipino pastors deserve justice..
    Our Filipino pastors deserve freedom..
    Don’t take it away from them..!!

  29. We are appeal to the Government of Qatar to release Ptr. Raphael Alamares.

  30. Qatar, let our Pastors go so they can serve and worship our God!

  31. Two years is long enough. It’s time to free them. The Qatari government must be awaken now!

  32. Free Pastor Raphael Alamares! Let him live! Free our brethren! Let him live!

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