Ronaldo Ulep Family’s Appeal For His Release

Ronaldo Ulep  is a person of good moral character , law-abiding citizen, honest dependable, trustworthy and very responsible. He has never been charged or indicted of any crime not even of a minor offense or slight transgression of any law back home in the Philippines, that even his immediate superiors in the company or business entity where he is employed in the State of Qatar have vouched for his hardwork, goodness, honesty,integrity and trustworthiness:
I am sincerely, heartily and prayerfully appealing to the Qatar government authorities and Philippine government authorities concerned and those who are holding him in detention to please grant him kind help and necessary assistance by granting him his liberty and freedom so he can get back to work and earn for his needy family back home in the Philippines.
My husband is the only breadwinner and the sole support of our family and children who are at young age and still studying.
He was detained in April 10, 2010 without warrant of arrest.
Worshipping God is not a violation. It is a priviledge of every individual to give due honor, reverend, adoration, and glory to  God who created all mankind, created the heaven and earth, the ocean, the seas and everything that’s in it…Detaining an innocent man is against God’s law.
We,the family, wife and chiIdren is  appealing and requesting for Ronaldo Ulep immediate release.
Reslie P. Ulep

27 thoughts on “Ronaldo Ulep Family’s Appeal For His Release

  1. We are supporting the appeal of Reslie P. Ulep, wife Ptr. Ronaldo Ulep.

    We are making a PROTEST to the Qatari Government!! I hope you can read this blog. I’m sure you do.

    Take note of this: WE WILL NOT STOP until you release our Pastors!!!!

  2. To the Emir of Qatar: RELEASE OUR PASTORS!!!!

  3. Lizel Quines says:

    Ptr. Ronaldo Ulep is clearly innocent!
    Why still detain a man who has commited no crime, violence and offense against the law?
    President Aquino, please listen and respond.
    They deserve an aimmediate action!
    We demand his release!

  4. We are calling the attention of all Filipinos in Qatar. Especially those who experience human rights violation and abuse. Let us make a shout for our love ones to receive justice.

    Qatar, release Ptr. Ronaldo Ulep! We demand for his freedom!

  5. carolcarumba says:

    Immediate action is needed they have also the family who are waiting for them.This is not only human deprivation..even their children are being deprive of this injustice.We are appealing for the release of our co-workers in the Lord.

  6. Ptr. Ronaldo Ulep is a man of God, with clear conscience that he did nothing wrong to qatar and in the eyes of the Lord.
    Arresting a man WITHOUT a warrant of arrest shows that this is injustice! Stop this injustice! #Injusticeinqatar

  7. The family of Ptr. Ronald Ulep is SUFFERING for almost 2 years now in QATAR, The HARDSHIP they EXPERIENCE is so PAINFUL. We appeal to the EMIR of QATAR to GRANT JUSTICE to this PASTOR for his immediate RELEASE. he did not committed any CRIME< VIOLATION, OR AGAINST the LAW of QATAR…. let JUSTICE PREVAIL …

  8. God will surely execute justice in Qatar.

    Qatar: Take off your hand against Ptr. Ronaldo Ulep. We demand for his release so he can be with his family.

  9. 2 years and until now JUSTICE is still not serve to Ptr Ronald Ulep……Let him GO or we will gonna PUSH you to let him GO….

  10. I am seeking the attention of the Goverment of Qatar,… To the people who are detained for almost 2 years were innocent …They are Ptr.Ronald Ulep ( my brother In-law) and Ptr.Raphael Alamares. We all believe in the presence of God almighty for no reason to put them in jail…It is a cruel thing and it is against the LAW OF GOD to hold these people without evidence in which violating the rules of Qatar they are not creminal…. So Please I am begging the help of the whole authority of DOHA ,QATAR to release these people so they can continue to live with peace with thier own family bact to the Philippines as well unite them with thier own family rights and freedom……………….

  11. carolcarumba says:

    Two years has been wasted. Its been a long time and years while.Arresting them w/o any warrant , assuming that they violated YOUR law. But where’s the justice? You are seeking justice? But what about these victims. . Where is their justice? WE DEMAND JUSTICE FOR OUR PASTORS. we demand immediate release for them!

  12. To Qatar: We demand the release of Ptr. Ronaldo Ulep so he could be with his family again.

  13. We are calling the attention of the Emir of the state of qatar, Sir are you aware of this? or you just ignoring it…. It’s time to for you to know that this things happen in your beloved state sir….

  14. We want justice for Ptr. Ronaldo Ulep! Freedom for this innocent man of God!

  15. We call for the attention of Qatari Government and Philippine Government for the release of Ptr. Ronaldo Ulep.. it’s been 2 years and until now he’s still suffering in jail..experiencing hardships physically and mentally..He’s been away with his family for a long time now. His family needs him..

    Freedom for Ptr. Ronaldo Ulep..!! Freedom for our Filipino Pastors..!!

  16. Dear Mr. President Noynoy,

    Sir, hope you can hear our petition. Pls help us get justice for our pastors that are illegally detained in Qatar.

  17. JUSTICE delayed is automatic Justice DENIED…is this the kind of justices that qatari have? Or misrepresentation of your law? You are in a hurry on taking people into prison but you are so SLOW in giving them justice…..Wake up or its better to admit that you are just wronged and so sorry for the things that has happen….Anything that you do in secret will be exposed and exposed and exposed till the whole world knows what we are fighting for….

  18. Hello Phil. Embassy! Are you a pet of Qatar because you are not doing anything in this case? Prove that you are for the Filipinos that are working/residing in Qatar . Do your part to release our pastors.

  19. Ptr Ronaldo Ulep & the rest of our Pastors are not animals that Qatar will just imprisoned them as long as they want it.

  20. We will continue to fight till we reach our goal. Qatar, take off your hands from our Pastors. Release them now!!!!

  21. rhyantiangco says:

    We appeal to the Philippine government to act so our pastors can be released!

  22. We want you Qatar to release Ptr. Ronaldo Ulep! We want it now!

  23. This must end right now!
    Our Filipino pastors deserve justice..
    Our Filipino pastors deserve freedom..
    Don’t take it away from them..!!

  24. God’s hand is not short to save us. He will definitely save His annointed ones.

  25. We will not stop appealing to the Qatari government to release Ptr. Ronaldo Ulep.

  26. Qatar, we demand freedom to Ptr. Ronaldo Ulep.

  27. this people are innocent.they left their family to work and serve the people of Qatar.and now this is all they got. is these how you treat people.release them now Qatar.

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