After four years…

TLH Pastors

The fight did not start on the day that this blog was born; it started on the day Qatar imposed injustice on the lives of innocent Filipinos working and visiting Qatar.

Four years have passed since this case of detaining 5 Filipino pastors in Qatar happened and they have only passed judgment now. The charges started with terrorism before finally coming into espionage and the lower court giving its verdict to the accused.

Last May 22, the news about the verdict flocked the local paper Al Raya and was then picked up by different publications. The news also made its presence in Philippine media, publications and radio programs the day after it hit Qatar online news portal. This story, is now gaining momentum in the Philippine scene since it now involves national issue.

After four years, we are still fighting to get justice for our pastors and we will not give up because THE FIGHT IS NOT YET OVER.

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15 thoughts on “After four years…

  1. litoquines says:

    This is the time to expose this injustice to Filipino Pastors. The Philippine Government must now takes its position and stand its groud against this false accusation.

  2. The Qatari Gov’t. has accused our Pastors as spies. There is no way that they are spies because they are servants of the Living God. They are torturing our pastors which is a direct violation of the human rights.

    We will continue to press on in seeking justice. The Phil. Gov’t should act now.

    The Lord be exalted!

  3. Those are violation of Human rights. They were detained with/out a clear cause. This people are innocent.

  4. Now is the time to expose how barbaric the Qatari government is! Justice should prevail!!

  5. The Philippine government should now take the stand!! Fight for the injustices done to the Filipinos in Qatar!

  6. They are all innocent because they are pastors! It is time to stand against FALSE accusation of espionage. The battle is the Lord’s.

  7. the government should focus more on this because these turn of events involve the whole country for our pastors were accused of espionage, implying that the country is ready for war (which is entirely false).

  8. Neon Cruz says:

    It about time for the government to move about this issue , to expose the truth because our pastors are innocent they are accused of espionage, IT IS NOT OVER!!

  9. All these allegations against our beloved pastors are entirely false! We are urging our national government to focus more on this issue because innocent lives are at stake here!

  10. bernarusco1 says:

    Rise up Phil. Government, It’s been four years, don’t be numbed, our 3 brethren needs JUSTICE. Be with us in fighting for the TRUTH, they are all innocent.

  11. For many agonizing years, these pastors have been detained in a foreign land due to false accusations. These people are not spies, they are our Pastors, they are the servants of the living GOD! We call the uttermost attention of DFA so these people can go home and enjoy the life of serving God freely and be with their families. Freedom for our Pastors!

  12. To our fellow FILIPINOS OUT THERE, anywhere and everywhere in the world- civilians or government officials, we can contribute to the plea for justice for these Filipino pastors who were tortured and maltreated by raising our awareness on this issue, following the events and the updates, posting our concern, and most of all, helping them by the connections that you have. After all, your connections are not given to you to serve you alone but also to serve other fellow human beings who were CREATED in the same WAY that you were created- in the image and likeness of God! So, express that likeness NOW! Be Involved!

  13. Four years of suffering (physically and mentally torture) of innocent people is indeed INJUSTICE!!! If you know that you can CONTRIBUTE as a solution, EXPRESS AND VOICE OUT! And if you, as concerned Filipino citizen has more of authority to do something on this! TIME TO GET OUT IN A STATE OF DEAFNESS AND IGNORANCE! BE RESPONSIBLE!!!

  14. The Philippine government has been silent about this issue for too long. Many Filipinos are unaware of this predicament. For four years, these pastors were robbed of their lives. THEY WERE ROBBED OF THEIR FREEDOM! We as Filipinos, we fought for our freedom for so long, should we allow them (Qatar government) to snatch freedom from our countrymen? No. this is unbearable. Even God said, “He will set the captives free”. These pastors are captives of the unbreakable wall known as the Qatari judiciary system. Is this system will continue to be unbreakable? Not for long… Because God is now exposing them!
    Now is the time to give them what they really deserve – FREEDOM Fellow citizens, this is now the time to act! SPEAK UP!

  15. The accusation is ridiculous! The sentence is insane! The Philippine Government should not allow these things to happen to its citizen. If the government cannot do anything about it, we will then appeal to the United Nations. The basic human right of these people detained in Qatar were not given to them!

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