Pastors detained were tortured and maltreated


the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain.

Synonyms: infliction of pain, abuse, ill-treatment, maltreatment, persecution


inflict severe pain on.”most of the victims had been brutally tortured”


Most of the time we see this word being applied in movies wherein one party is inflicting damage to the other party. The pain that the receiving party receives seems to be unbearable that he will give-in to the demands of the party giving the torture. In many cases, he will admit anything, even if it is not true, just for the other party to stop the maltreatment on him.

There are different kinds of torture. Most of what we are familiar with is physical torture or the beating of a persons body with anything that can harm it. What we don’t see in this beatings are the trauma and psychological torture that the action leaves the victim. The trauma or psychological torture runs deeper than the physical hurt. It transcends time and can as fresh as when it was applied even if years have passed.

Our pastors who were illegally detained in Qatar for false accusation suffered physical and psychological torture. One of our pastors was handcuffed for 10 straight days, causing his left wrist to be permanently dislocated. You can see it in the pictures and their confession of the torture that happened to them below.

Stop this injustice. Free our pastors. Free our countrymen. Not late but NOW. The fight is not yet over and the battle is in THE LORD’s HAND!




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15 thoughts on “Pastors detained were tortured and maltreated

  1. Some of our pastors were hanged upsidedown (binitin patiwarik) while their feet is being whipped. They are being played by the qatari’s forcing them to act like a kangaroo or chicken or other animals. They were being punched, kicked, physically tortured and others. How cruel and barnaric are the qatari’s.

    • Other were handcuffed for days. One was beaten while handcuffed. I mean, come on… BEATEN WHILE HANDCUFFED! Not restrained from his chain for ten straight days except for occasional bathroom breaks. I couldn’t have imagine the pain they have gone through. Not alone the psychological trauma they received while they were interrogated. This shows how MALEVOLENT the Qatari judiciary system is!

  2. How barbaric these qatari authorities! We condemned the injustices done to our PASTORS!

  3. To our fellow FILIPINOS OUT THERE, anywhere and everywhere in the world- civilians or government officials, we can contribute to the plea for justice for these Filipino pastors who were tortured and maltreated by raising our awareness on this issue, following the events and the updates, posting our concern, and most of all, helping them by the connections that you have. After all, your connections are not given to you to serve you alone but also to serve other fellow human beings who were CREATED in the same WAY that you were created- in the image and likeness of God! So, express that likeness NOW! Be Involved!

  4. These pastors, our brethren, are just few of those innocent Filipinos suffered from torture and maltreatment from Qatar. Our individual concern, as Filipino, MUST give contribution to EXPOSE what is really happening! ENOUGH FOR THESE EVIL DEEDS! ENOUGH FOR INJUSTICE!!!

  5. They are true servants of God! not spies! Tunay na hindi makatao ang trato nila sa mga nakulong na Pilipino. At ilan pa ba ang bibiktimahin nila na walang kasalanan!!?? Kailangan talaga natin ng hustisya, at hindi natin ito dapat balewalain!

  6. To Qatar’s Government, set our pastors free and send them home because they are innocent!

  7. To Qatar’s government officials, you know that our pastors are innocent, and they don’t deserve the things that you did to them. Free these people now!

  8. Lene D. says:

    These pastors are innocent! They are servants of the living GOD! They do not deserve such ill treatment and injustice! Sila’y ating mga kapwa Pilipino at mga kapatid sa Panginoon! LET TOTAL FREEDOM BE UPON THEM! This Independence Day, let all Filipinos unite and cry out, “FREEDOM!” Even to those who are not Filipinos but have genuine concern on matters like these, let them also cry out, “FREEDOM!” LET JUSTICE PREVAIL! THE BATTLE IS IN THE LORD’S HAND!

  9. This is the time that our government must ACT for the IMMEDIATE release of our Pastors. Every day that passes, these innocent victims of injustice are being tortured and maltreated by these wicked men! NO MORE DELAYS! ACT NOW!!!

  10. We will not stop unless we get justice! Justice for our fellow Filipinos!

  11. As the sister-in-law of Ronald Ulep; whom I care for deeply, I find this horrible situation appalling. Ronald is and always has been a strong family man who has worked and supported his family. For him to wrongly be accused and convicted for doing nothing wrong except his job and his loyalty to his religious belief.
    There was never any evidence that he committed any crime nor was there any witnesses that stood against him stating any wrongdoing.
    Ronald, like many, many other Pilipino workers must go to these barbaric countries like Qatar where they are over worked, under paid and humiliated by arrogant Arab’s so they can make money to support there families in the Philippines.
    “We”, The families of this crises approached the Philippine government shortly after this situation came about. Begging, pleading, and sever emotional anguish lead to NO results. Now that three years has passed and the “A-RABS” and their “LAWYER” became the Judge and jury with no support by their own fellow man. Where is justice, Where does it start and please tell me where it ends. What has happened to “HUMAN RIGHTS” and the “PERSUIT OF HAPPINESS”.
    NOW I ADD:
    To my respected President, Benigno Aquino, again I and my family plead with you for your strongest support to acquire the “RELEASE” of Ronald Ulep and Mr. Alamaris for they are innocent.
    Signed Racquel P. Kesterson

    • Thank you for the support Racquel, we all need to do is to trust God completely, let us all unite for one goal– fight for their FREEDOM! Kindly share this website to all. Let our voices be heard by the Philippine government, media and to ALL NATION.

  12. Release our pastors they are not spies!..Let justice prevail!

  13. They are servants OF GOD, not a spies, torturing & accusing to hired the truth were inhuman & injustice,for the Hand of GOD is with us, we won’t stop this fight until JUSTICE prevail. The LORD is Exalted!!!!!

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