INJUSTICEINQATAR.WORDPRESS.COM envisioned awareness. It purposely seek the attention of Qatar and Philippine government to be involved in the issues affecting INJUSTICE, TORTURES, and ILLEGAL DETENTION of all the innocent Filipino individuals detained in Qatar. It also seeks to break “collusion of silence” regarding racism, religious coercion, and human rights violation.

As in need to shatter the stillness and search for Justice – It subsequently analyses the impact of crime, and underlines the need of greater chance to wreck large-scale problems of misdemeanour.

INJUSTICEINQATAR blog site contains valid information and testimonies from the other victims.

Pastors ABDALLAH YOUSEF CHUA RONALD ULEP AND RAFAEL ALAMARES are still under with QATAR abusive authorities. They are looking forward to be with their families soon! ; pleading for ‘your’ support,-MAKE IT POSSIBLE through taking part to share their crusade.

However desolate the situation is; if we go hand in hand, our ‘unity’ brings confidence alive.

HOPE is a valuable defense for innocent prisoners fighting to survive. So let’s share hope to the Filipino prisoner in QATAR – Post your word of encouragement here and let your expression make a difference.

Get involved. Act Now!


7 thoughts on “About

  1. EnEs TyCee says:

    For PASTOR ULEP & PASTOR RAFAEL, the fight is not over… hold on to the hands of God, for He surely will fight the battle for you. The Qatar government may be the goliath in your present situation but, like David, the Lord is always with you… He will never leave you nor forsake you. These abusive authorities will see and feel how we unite in the name of Jesus to end all the injustices.

  2. Thess Lopez,
    Freedom!!!! Freedom!!!Freedom!!! Stop injustice!!!!! Let the abusive authorities open their eyes to see and act righteously. This is a fight of every Filipinos. We will have the victory, and we will prevail

  3. No to injustice!!! Yes to freedom. Qatar goverment stop being blind, justice for our pastor and fellow filipinos. We will not stop, we support them to get justice


  5. This blog is really helpful in bringing light to the injustices that are happening in Qatar. We will surely put our outmost concern to bring this injustices, discrimination and abuses to an end.It will fulfill its purpose in raising our voices both to Qatar and Philippine Government so that are Pastors illegally detained in Qatar will be release and all the damages done by the Qatari Government to our brethren, to their familes, to our Church will be paid 10000 times in full. This is for the glory of our King and our God, Lord Jesus Christ. Bless and amaze God!

  6. Nothing is impossible with God! I believe na makakalaya sila at makakamit ang hustisya para sa mga pastor na nakakulong pa rin hanggang ngaun with the help of our prayers!

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