Share your Photo Story!

We encourage our guest to submit their own ‘photo story’. This would help the reader to find the story deeper. Treat your photos more than just photographing an event, there should be a human interest and answers- Why is this story that should be told?

Your photos should be organized in a sequence that tells a story.

The only words found in a photo story are in the captions. The caption is for the information you can’t say using a photo alone. Mainly, the caption identifies the: who, what, when, where, how, and why in every photo.

We highly recommend you to send us photo files or collection of inhumane clips/ evidences of maltreatments occurred under the abusive authorities in Qatar and we would also preferred to send us ‘photo awareness campaign’ demonstrating Freedom, Human rights and righteousness.

We hope that your ‘photostories’ will connect to the readers through emotions: Anger, joy, sadness, love, or hate. Capturing the emotions will make it easier and ultimately bring it to life for everyone who reads the blog.

With an effective photo story; it becomes an eyewitness- seeing HOPE and JUSTICE rapidly!

We believe in your creativity and we want you to be part of the cause Now!


SUPPORT and Express your thoughts NOW!

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