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After four years…

TLH Pastors

The fight did not start on the day that this blog was born; it started on the day Qatar imposed injustice on the lives of innocent Filipinos working and visiting Qatar.

Four years have passed since this case of detaining 5 Filipino pastors in Qatar happened and they have only passed judgment now. The charges started with terrorism before finally coming into espionage and the lower court giving its verdict to the accused.

Last May 22, the news about the verdict flocked the local paper Al Raya and was then picked up by different publications. The news also made its presence in Philippine media, publications and radio programs the day after it hit Qatar online news portal. This story, is now gaining momentum in the Philippine scene since it now involves national issue.

After four years, we are still fighting to get justice for our pastors and we will not give up because THE FIGHT IS NOT YET OVER.

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