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Pastors detained were tortured and maltreated


the action or practice of inflicting severe pain on someone as a punishment or to force them to do or say something, or for the pleasure of the person inflicting the pain.

Synonyms: infliction of pain, abuse, ill-treatment, maltreatment, persecution


inflict severe pain on.”most of the victims had been brutally tortured”


Most of the time we see this word being applied in movies wherein one party is inflicting damage to the other party. The pain that the receiving party receives seems to be unbearable that he will give-in to the demands of the party giving the torture. In many cases, he will admit anything, even if it is not true, just for the other party to stop the maltreatment on him.

There are different kinds of torture. Most of what we are familiar with is physical torture or the beating of a persons body with anything that can harm it. What we don’t see in this beatings are the trauma and psychological torture that the action leaves the victim. The trauma or psychological torture runs deeper than the physical hurt. It transcends time and can as fresh as when it was applied even if years have passed.

Our pastors who were illegally detained in Qatar for false accusation suffered physical and psychological torture. One of our pastors was handcuffed for 10 straight days, causing his left wrist to be permanently dislocated. You can see it in the pictures and their confession of the torture that happened to them below.

Stop this injustice. Free our pastors. Free our countrymen. Not late but NOW. The fight is not yet over and the battle is in THE LORD’s HAND!






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